Thursday, March 7, 2013


 I have nothing good to write about and am feeling drained. Exams are less than a week later. So you all won't be hearing much from me for two-three weeks. I know many of you are saying ' Not that we hear much from you anyways'. Well the main problem is that I have to hunt for days to get good topics. Then after days of search when I finally do find one i don't get time to type it. Then when I finally sit down to type it I realize that the topic is lame. And the cycle begins again. And sometimes just after posting a new post I get a new idea. So I just type down the title and save it in drafts. Then when I go through the drafts they don't sound as good as they did earlier. And then finally once in a blue moon, I get a good post. Or something that is above my usual standards. But here is one thing. I noticed that my blog is at 500+ viewers. In just two months! Okay, that is some serious achievement for a plain 13 year old doing a lot of ranting and raving about nonsensical stuff. And also boring you. Frankly why do you all read my blog? Frankly why do i even write a blog when I am originally supposed to sit and cram maths formulas and geography maps and biology diagrams and Malayalam meanings and, oh well that is a long list. A very long list. But life is short and I don't want to spend the best part of life doing stuff that i wont even be needing ever. So 'farvel'. (Norwegian) marvelous 
I know the picture has nothing in relation with the post but it is marvelous , don't you think?

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