Saturday, March 2, 2013

A conversation

For the past couple of days I have been spending a lot of time on Google+. And I do think its quite a lot of fun but the there is another reason. There I started my very own community called 'Why we are different' At first it sounded like some counselling and help center but then I got to meet two really awesome personalities in there. One is my best friend who is neurotic(I will face the consequences for that when I meet her next{That is Monday}) and the second an even weirder person. And both of them are a lot of fun. I mean a  hell lot of fun.

And actually most socially challenged people hate who they are (Yours truly is an ex-living proof:{That doesn't mean I am dead! I just changed the way I think}) . But these two are a huge exception. They are actually kind of happy about the fact that they are so zany. I was at first astounded, then surprised and then very thoughtfullified (I needed a word like that.Oxford dictionary doesn't seem to have anything like that.) by these two . Okay not thoughtfullified but I did spent a lot of time thinking about it . When I was supposed to be studying Hindi (For those of you who don't know Hindi is the main tongue of India. Google it.). Sitting on the top stair between a veranda and another(My newest hideout. My only hideout actually) I went through what all unrelated stuff these two talked about.                 


But they helped me realize something. Being weird is nice. Its fun. Its different. Its not fun being sausages from the same lot. These people are disconnected in the same way they talk. And that's what makes them different. Special. Something. Themselves. One. Not 'The One' but just one in an individual style.

 And in one way these two are my best teachers and friends. I know they will read this blog article(they are practically my only readers) and want them to know that. So  пакуль сябры. (Belarusian)

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