Saturday, February 16, 2013

I have no idea what to name this

I don't know what to write. I have my personal alarm clock for writing blog articles(in my mind of course) . But sometime I have to keep pushing snooze till I am sure to be late to write an article . I have a million ideas in my mind but all of them are just too tied up together. Saw that title up there? I am jumbled up . Its gonna take a couple of days to get everything un-knotted and in an order but I am gonna write something down. Valentines day was over a couple of days ago. Basically I think its the worst thing on this planet. I was thinking about anything but it on that day. My horrible timetable on 14th Feb, 2013.

4:50 am - Wake up
5:00 am - Kick off physics project I have to submit that day
6:30 am - Realize that I am getting late for school and my physics is nowhere complete
7:10 am - Pull on socks and dash to reach my school van which is in shambles ( Literally. That thing is 10 years old. Or so we guess. Its probably more.)
7:40 am - Reach school and continue my physics
7:50 am - Get frantic when the English teacher asks me to distribute books and dropping the very same books on my feet.
8:00 am - Finish distributing. Half books on floor. Continue physics.
8:02 am - Sent down for assembly and crying on shoulder of friend.
8:20-9:30 am - Have a mid-morning siesta without getting caught.
9:40 am - Painful karate.
..............snore( indicates sleeping and dozing off)
1:10 pm - Hit head on the floor during special Karate. ( I and a couple of other girls got selected fro special karate program after Republic day program. Cool, I guess.)
............... ( That does not mean blacking out)
1:30-2:10 pm - Skip lunch to finish physics.
2:12 pm - Barely finish it. Throw it at teacher and run to ground for PT. Play throwball in 32 degree Celsius sun.
2:50 pm - Malayalam ( Our regional language. Its a palindrome (i.e. spells same no matter from which direction you read it)
4:30 pm - Home, heavenly, beautifully home!!!!!!! Wooohooooo! ;)
4:31 pm - Go to sleeeeeeeeeeep.
See, what I meant. My life is too busy. And I am not even in high school. Poor me. Poor Indian student. This is just one day of my life. And I didn't even bother studying for the test I had on the next day. I am exhausted       from just reading this and the fact that its almost 12 am when I writing this. 'Despedida.' (Galician)

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