Monday, February 25, 2013

An angel

I will start with half a book review and continue on the same lines and basically the same idea.

I am gonna start off with a half a book review and continue on the same idea
      Anyone ever read 'Mister God, this is Anna'? If you haven't you should. Not that I have any right to say that. I started reading this book in late 2011. At that time the book's philosophy was too deep for most eleven year olds to understand, even for me who had read several books meant for ages far above. I reached up to chapter three, then felt extremely skeptical about all the characters and quit reading. I had too many questions, all of which were being left unanswered. And I left those questions as they were and deposited the book somewhere in my study table. Three months later, we were moving. My mom was asking, nah begging me to clean up my table and pack whatever I wanted to take along. I lazily got to work and took my own sweet time browsing through every single piece of paper, useful or otherwise. Then while staring at some extremely old and useless exam papers I found that book again and started to read it then and there. But I was interrupted by my mum. Again I let the book be. Now almost one year later that I have started reading the book again. And I am halfway through. Now I've got you thinking ' How the hell can a person write a review without reading it completely?'. And here is the answer. Half that book is better than most completely read books. The child in it, Anna sees God in such a sense that he could be anybody. The milkman, your neighbor, an uncle or maybe even a best friend. She just lives up to eight years of age but makes her life more worthwhile than any of us living up to hundred could. And the best part about the book is how it starts, "“The difference from a person and an angel is easy. Most of an angel is in the inside and most of a person is on the outside." 

So is the difference between the 'angel' and 'person' this easy? Can any person be an angel if they find the inner themselves and be pure? We are all petty beings fighting over the simplest and most trivial thing and making fusses over nothing at all.  But this girl with her charismatic personality and beautiful ideals figured it all out. So what does being angelic mean to you? Being perfect or being good? Tell me what you think and 'jäähyväiset'. (Finnish)

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  1. It's like a more optimistic version of that old quote: "Hell is other people."

    As for angels, I always associate an angel with 'guardian angel', those creatures that watch over you, and help in times of need.
    So to me, an angel is just that: "The Person who was there when you needed them to be."


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