Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Un-Nostalgic days

Never forget those days that make you who you are.
Don't all of us have days in which reminisce our past and just want to go back and live it again, get another chance to live it to the fullest? And since this nostalgia is one of the most overused subject in literature's history I will write about something slightly different. Just two alphabets added and are well.... poles apart. There are days for most of us that we just wanna erase out of our memory. Use an eraser and scrub it out of our lives. Never to be subject to that insecurity or embarrassment or pain. However these are not what I call 'un-nostalgic' days. The times I just mentioned meant  the times you never ever remember again. At the instant a memorable thing happens you might want to remember something for the rest of your life. However our mind is a big prankster, and before you know it that day might be very insignificant and boring to you and others. Such a puny creature is man! So to not allow lovely, 'unforgettable days' to be thrown out of your brain like rotting trash, recall that day everyday. Recall its magic and the joy it brought to you. Soon you will see true value in it and that moment will forever be etched in your mind. So....... 'lamtumirĂ«.' (Albanian).

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