Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The programme

In our school traditionally we have a Republic day program every year on 26th January. And believe me it’s big and is hard multiplied by ten. All the teachers, co-curricular and subject alike go into overdrive. And obviously they push all the poor, already-overburdened students into double overdrive. Suddenly all the teachers who had been taking the math ,chem and bio portions slow and steadily start taking tests and projects like crazy. And the other teachers who actually are to instruct us way before, before and during the program get so stressed you can see sacks of potatoes under their eyes. This year I am in seventh and our grade is performing 'Karate'(yikes!) this year. I am a total piece of trash when it comes to P.E. Probably the most uncoordinated girl in my entire school. And my karate master had embarrassed me in front of my whole class during one day I was completely distracted (double yikes!). So now try picturing me, most useless girl in karate springing to be one of the best in one day. I am sparing you details. So somehow I end up near the first line (for the first time in my life, I usually always end up in the farthest corner!) near the prima girl temporarily in everything (= miss perfect). Okay now a slight number visualization for you; imagine 135 13 year olds practicing karate in the baking Indian sun for SEVEN 45 min long periods. Then imagine them coming back to class and cramming for physics test which closely followed by a quadrilaterals period. I was beat. I had 3 injuries from karate; one on the ankle, second one on my back and the third one on my wrist. I hobbled about for the last two periods (more math and geography=doom). As all of us trudged home we had one big question on our minds, one that all students face some day or the other in their life 'Do I really have to submit chemistry project tomorrow?’ Yup, a chemistry project. Can a day get worse? Fortunately I went to sleep the second I reached home and nobody had the heart to wake me up.
We are good, but not this good!
 Okay the next day that was today was worse in the beginning and got better later on. I thought nobody would do the project and I would get off scot-free. No such luck. 90% people brought theirs, all nice and beautiful and complete. I was devastated. Thankfully my best friend had also not done it. Chemistry approached and I could hear my heart beats go tick tock. Then the bell rang for THE TIME OF DOOM FOR SOME STUDENTS. But then no, our karate sir called us up for practice. I swear that he looked like god to me then. I could almost see the halo around him. And he did not make us work that hard today. And the teachers took it easy on us. The chemistry teacher came to collect the projects during lunch but my friend and I ran and took cover under our favorite tree. Temporary escape but an escape nevertheless. So know you will wonder why I am typing a blog article when I might as well finish the project. Nah I have half day at school tomorrow (whopeeeee!) so she won't be able to collect it. And since I boasted about my school's programmes I try to put this year’s programme video on. So till then 'viszlát'. (Hungarian)


  1. Great writing if you really are 13. I hope your parents know about this blog. LOL!

    My blog is at www.countrybumpkinreporter.blogspot.

    1. And thanks for the compliment Country Bumpkin Reporter. And yes my parents do know about my blog. They are one of my only readers in fact!!

  2. I got 3 out of 8 on the chemistry. I am in doomland


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