Friday, January 11, 2013

Teen...or not!

So here I am- a complete social introvert who gets excited by debates and novels(real novels, not all the stupid nonsensical books of today) rather than by teen mags or hair styles or earrings or whatever is in style at the moment (it changes practically every second!). I hate most things teens are joined to the hip with. Examples are cited below: Giggling, eyes rolling, lalalala stuff and ... who cares. Frankly and obviously I don't. But I do like something about being in the Teen years, it gives a sense of freedom. I mean even though your birthday was just over a couple of days ago you suddenly realize that now you belong to yourself. Throughout your childhood you are mama's or papa's golden child, now suddenly you are not. Now you argue with them for the slightest thing and get your needs fulfilled (usually!). Anyways so I bid you all 'Addio'.(Italian)

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