Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Cascade of Dreams.

A portrait titled 'Cascade of dreams'

Today I come to explaining why I named this blog so. Well I come from a developing town in a developing state in developing India (sorry, no other details). Well as I said earlier I want to become a writer. So to make my mark real quick in this world (sorry, no matter how patriotic I am to my nation I have to say it is extremely hard to make a dent in this large automobile of a country, one reason is its population) and not wait for my never-finishing book I started this blog. This puny thing of a blog but a blog nevertheless. I do realize now that I still haven’t come to my point as to why I have named it so. I speak in circles, a lot, don't I? Anyway let's get to the point. I am, was and will be a completely absent-minded person whose head is forever in the clouds. That explains the 'dream' part. Well the 'cascade' part, I am afraid has no explanation. I don't even remember why I named it 'cascade'. Maybe I found it poetic or lyrical or whatever. So with whatever meager explanation I have given for this well quite unexplainable name I call it a day. So see ya folks later and 'Zbogom ljudi'. (Croatian)

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