Friday, January 18, 2013

Is it good to be different?

What are you: standing-in or standing-out?
Here is a brief description of my life story. It is just a link to a question of mine:
I am one of the most un-popular students in my school, maybe my entire school. Many people know me but 95% totally despise me. Okay, I know that I am not the most likable personality in this world. I am bossy, slightly arrogant and like to answer my teacher when she asks a question. But that is considered cool in my school. Being cool= giggle, have at least 70 friends and never ever read Shakespeare unless it is there in the curriculum. Well as none of the above said are applicable to me . In fact I am quite the contrary. I hate giggling, have maybe 2 friends and am addicted to almost all kinds of literature available(that is anything except textbooks)  . So then as I am trying to imply I am weird. Not cool. A nerd. A geek. But is being cool all you need to survive school? I have lived the life of a nomad. Juggling all over southern and central India the most hardest thing I found in each new school or colony was to be taken in. To fit in like a piece of puzzle in the right place. But I never did. Always in the first few months I would try then let that be there and return to my most faithful of friends ,books. At least they didn't bite back.
 At school I always do pretty well without trying too hard. But in today's well, cool factor if you get good marks you are a mugger. I am not mugging. I hate mugging and muggers. They don't have imagination, no ideas and no creativity. I am an artist; at least a literal one, at least I try. After a couple of years of getting assigned as an outcast I gave up. Then after having something of a nothing other than bound books to call as friends I had to move back to a city and school that had labelled me loser. I was worried,would my ex-classmates welcome me back? Well the answer to that nothing but a big fat NO. But I then I patched up old  some relationships, mended some, added frills to others and also soured some. I found somebody like me who taught me it was good to be different and it was actually really cool to be the person to know stuff. I saw light in her explanations I tried to make friends with my fellow socially-challenged. These people were all out of the cliques because they thought differently, didn't do things in other's ways. At first I cautiously made friends with a couple of them, then some more, then the whole lot. I realized how really awesome they were, how different they were from each other. They are better than any mean and supposedly 'cool' person.

   What is this tale's meaning? It doesn't have much. It is just a question I have carried in my mind for several years and have never received an answer for. I know that all great people are different but sometimes isn't it better to be in the crowd to just have everybody in your stride?Should we be different just in the end to be ignored? I don't know and don't suppose I ever will. What do you think about it? 'Afscheid' and see you all later.


  1. Is it good to be different?
    Only if you are 'better'. But note, this need not be 'objectively' better. I never cared much for the popular kids, because I knew I was smarter than all of them. Why would I want to be stupider? Ignorance is not Bliss, it's just bleeding ignorance!
    And so long as you're happy with who you are, then you don't ever need to be like anyone else.

    After all: Why be like others, when you can be better?

    1. Earlier it was quite hard for me to know whether i was better than them or not when everyone liked them better.But now i don't care about them any more. They are just too selfish and self-centered.


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